Sliding table FIM Turn table FIM Preform Special machines
Suitable for large-scale production of 3D fiber molded parts. Highly effective due to parallel use of workstations. Cycle time depends on: Number of molds and connected injection machines Complexity of molded part Material type and composition  
An overall cycle time of 80-90s is feasible with a turntable FIM.
A FIM line for a TIER 1 supplier in the USA was installed in 2011. Manufactured parts include: Floor insulation Dashboard insulation
blowing created by FE
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Temperatur Primärheizung
max. 250°C  |  max. 482°F
Temperature for primary heating
Heizmedium Primär/Sekundär
Heating medium primary/secondary
Druck auf Nutzfläche bis ca.
60 N/cm
Pressure onto usable space up to approx.
Lichteweite für Werkzeuge in Pressstation
1400 mm |  19.685 x 55.118 inches
Clearance for tools in press station
Gesamtdurchlaufzeit ca.
180 Sekunden/
Total processing time approx.
Technische Daten
Nutzfläche für Werkzeuge
3900 x 1900 m|   153.5433 x 74.8031 inches
2200 x 1500 m|   86.614 x 59.055 inches
Technical Data
Usable space for tools
Thermoöl/Luft |
Thermal oil/air
Thermal oil/Thermal oil
Lichteweite für Werkzeuge in der EBS
2150 mm |  19.685 x 84.646 inches
Clearance for tools in the blow in station
Arbeitshöhe ohne Werkzeug
750 m| 29.528 inches
Operating height without tools
Taktrate/Ausstoß ca.
60 Sekunden/
Cycle time/output approx.
|  853,4 psi
Turn table FIM