We create the proper kind of mold for your unique applications.
Perforated plate tools. 
Our fiber injection molding process uses these tools primarily to produce insulation parts. These molds provide the capacity to produce highly complex 3D fiber molded parts with sizes from 150 x 150mm up to 1,600 x 1,800mm (approx. 5.906 x 5.906 inches up to approx. 62.992 x 70.866 with a component thickness up to 150mm (approx. 5.906 inches). These molds can be used for prototypes as well as small- and high volume production.
Milled directly from CAD data these molds are suitable for almost all thin form parts. They are particularly suitable for RTM applications. These molds allow to inject the required resin directly after fiber input without the need to transfer the fiber package
Laminated molds
Simple prototype molds made from laminated carbon and glassfiber are used for the development of small insulation parts. Depending on the complexity of the part we can develop molds up to 1,000 x 1,000mm in size (approx. 39.370 inches). Typical applications for laminated molds are prototypes and small volume production up to several 100 parts.
blowing created by FE
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